The Summoning

from by Sigmun



I am the omen, I am the horseman
I am the doubts that soil your amen
I am the demon under your bed
I am the cross that hangs you dead
I am the forbidden apple that you tasted
I am the whispers that drive you mad
I am the cancer growing inside your lungs
I am the curse words underneath your tongues

I am the noise that rattles in your ceiling
I am the laughter after the killing
I am the blinded eye, I am the scattered lies
I am the brewing storm that shades your skies
I am the maggot that feeds on your flesh
I am the spear that thrust through your chest
I am the filth that buried your hometown
I am the heresy that'll never be found

Oh wretched souls of common men
Come on now rise in my command
Oh hidden desires of the innocents
Come on now rise in my command
Oh evil deeds beneath the conscious
Come on now rise in my command
Oh hungry lust of the masses
Come on now rise in my command


from Crimson Eyes, released November 15, 2015




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